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Repair is Recycling

Impact of Equipment Waste

The impact of equipment waste is devastating to some parts of the world. The issues are complex, and various, but the end results are tons and tons of toxic heavy metals being released into the environment – often in developing parts of the world which lack facilities or resources to deal with the impact. To exacerbate the issue, humans are often exposed to many types of toxins when working in the electronic waste industry. By keeping this equipment out of the waste system, and instead keep it working, we can directly impact the problem of e-waste.

How we Help

Laser Service takes the issue of e-waste of recycling very seriously. There are several ways in which we do this, primarily: we offer recycled toner cartridges, repair equipment, and donate working but out-dated equipment to charities. In particular, we believe that every printer repaired instead of thrown away is a large amount of toxic material that does not enter the environment. When equipment is obsolete for business and industrial uses, In many it can last for another decade when put in an environment where it’s abilities are still needed.

The Story of Electronics

For an entertaining and enlightening look at these issues, you can checkout “The Story of Electronics” videos at In addition you can learn a lot more at websites working to reduce e-waste.

E-Waste Poses a Very Real Environmental Threat

Recycling Your Old Printers, Scanners, and Other Office Equipment Can Help Protect the Earth

Studies have consistently shown that electronic waste from devices like printers, scanners, and other office equipment contains toxins that are damaging to our environment – and incrediably toxic to people. That is why repair of existing equipment is so important. When you repair your printer, you are helping to keep toxic elements out of landfills. Consider the harm you are averting when you consider repair instead of equipment replacement:


Use in
Wireless Technology

Harmful Effects


Used primarily in soldering ofcircuit boards and other device components  Extremely harmful to the human body; damages both the central and peripheral nervous systems; can cause seizures, retardation, high blood pressure, damage to the kidneys and liver; adversely affects child development


Forms significant portions of electrical connectors andbattery contacts Long term exposure can be carcinogenic, especially for the lungs. Extreme exposure can lead to a potentially fatal condition known as Acute Beryllium Disease


Used in some integrated circuitsand semiconductors Arsenic is a notoriously potent poison; causes severe damage to the digestive tract


Can be found to a degree inbatteries and circuit boards Attacks the central nervous and endocrine systems; harmful to mouth, teeth and gums; poses risk in the neurological development of unborn fetuses


Used in production of diodesand batteries. Pure form usedin semiconductor production Toxic to humans in ways similar to arsenic; fatal in large doses


Used in soldering, semiconductors and chip resistors Potentially carcinogenic; Repeated exposure can damage the lungs, kidneys and liver

The potential dangers are obvious. Laser Service is committed to preventing such hazards from contaminating the environment. We donate old working equipment to needy organizations, as well as use a approved recyclers to make sure as little electronic waste gets into the environment as possible!