Customer Experiences

After 20 plus years in the business, we have made an impression with our customers. Learn about some of the experiences that typify working with laser service. We are always interested in hearing new testimonials to add to the page – if you want to let the world know how laser service has helped you, please contact us today!

Delivery, Installation, Satisfaction

We received the printer, installed it and it’s WONDERFUL!! Just what we needed! Thanks again for all your help! We’re so happyyyyyy!

Danelle, Demi & Cooper Advertising, Client

“Fashionably” On Time & Helpful

I had a laser printer break in my office and called LSI to come out and fix it, they came out in a timely fashion, identified my problem and showed me ways to maintain my printer. I will use there services again in the future and recommended them to others who are in need of a good repair company.

Michelle via dexknows